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Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Planners

Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

There are a lot of details that go into planning a wedding and most brides have never planned a wedding. It is difficult to meet with vendors and research resources while you have your career and personal plans. I have planned weddings for over 15 years and am able to organize and handle the details of planning while you enjoy being engaged!

Is there a difference between a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, 

and Event Coordinator?

A Wedding Planner is your best friend and should be the first vendor you book. I am there from start to finish to help you plan your wedding. I listen to your ideas and work with the bride to put together a team that will make those ideas happen. My years of expertise and knowledge are an invaluable service.

A Wedding Coordinator is usually only available on the weekend of the wedding to coordinate the ceremony and/or the reception.

An Event Planner or Coordinator is sometimes an employee of a venue. They are responsible for the venue and coordinating the vendors as they arrive and the ceremony and/or reception that is taking place at the venue. Some Event Coordinators plan other events beside weddings.

Will a Wedding Planner take over and I won't get to make decisions?

I won't. This is your wedding and your vision. I am there to help make that vision come true and make sure everything runs smoothly.

I have a family member who has planned weddings and my mother has friends who want to help. Can't I use them instead of hiring a Wedding Planner?

My advice is "No". Everything works better when there is one person in charge. You want to be able to make your own decisions and not hurt anyone's feelings. Besides, your family and friends want to enjoy your wedding as a guest and not be working on that day.

Do I have to use the vendors you recommend?

No. I will provide you with several professional and reliable vendors to choose from, but it is your decision.

Do you have items for decor' or to rent?

I have several items for rent (ex. lanterns, signage, candle holders, etc.). I like to allow a professional florist or designer to handle the major decorations, but I will help with minor decoration in my Full Service package.